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This steps will get you into Berghain, Berlin.

Berghain has a reputation of the best club in the world, or the temple of techno, but most certainly is an enigma for all those who were rejected at the entrance.

As it looks like the way to get in is an enigma as well and numerous tips and guides can be found online. This is why we decided to sum them up into 5 that will, most likely, get you into Berghain.

Dress edgy

Your style is basically important for the first impression, so you should dress as edgy you can. With no need to shave your eyebrow ofc. In case you don’t have crazy accessories and unexpected clothes, some users that were in Berghain suggest you go naked, with see-throw stuff. Important is to be unique and dress unexpected. Just remember, even Sven told that he won’t let only people wearing black in the club. It’s boring and we agree.

The attitude

Don’t get too excited because you will appear just as a random tourist and you’ll never get in. Just stand in line and don’t look nervous.

And don’t speak with the bouncer, he will speak to you.

Don’t be too drunk

Drunk people will never get into Berghain, so don’t be too happy or deluded. You can drink when you get in.

Don’t go there early

Another thing that will eliminate you as just a tourist in the eyes of bouncers is the time you appear. Berghain opens around midnight, and you should’t try to get in before 2am.

Don’t worry, you can rave in there till Monday morning.

Try to friend someone who’s a regular

If you know someone who is a regular it’s not too bad to go with them (in small groups of course). Especially if you are friends with someone who speaks German. But don’t try to make friends in line when you are to close at the door.

Good luck! I hope see you there.

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