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DanceTechno 004 – Dj Calmy

DanceTechno 004 – Dj Calmy


Were born in Argentina in 1999 and with my dad as a musician making
me grow up listening to bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Soda
Stereo (Argentinian most famous minimal rock band and rock band),
around 2016 my friend introduces me in the electronic music with a set
of Marco Carola and Richie Hawtin at space Ibiza, super Groovy and
then my love for the music has been getting as strong as I had learnt
how to play different instruments until a year ago (2020) my friend
shows me a Pioneer XDJ-RR and I start learning how to DJ properly.
Then there have been different gigs along the year (2021) made by
different people, underground parties and then Dream State Events
contacted me to play with them at Bounce Hostel. After that they
decided I was good enough to have my first gig at their festival, Dream
State Festival. Sooner I was going to have my first gig in a club known
as Gilligans. All around Cairns, far north QLD.

Nowadays I keep looking to play in new venues and make my name
bigger by showing my music and skills. Tech house, Funky house and
Minimal are what I feel most when I am behind the decks sending
positive vibes and making people dance which is what makes me happy


Friday 28 January 2022

Dance Techno Podcast 004

Presented by: JARBO


Dj Calmy


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DanceTechno Podcast 004