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Do you know how a b2b sounded between Jeff Mills and Adam Beyer in Tresor in 1998?

Pure Techno from the hands the this two vehement titans.

One, eternal reference of the Swedish techno school, who has steered his own label, Drumcode, for more than two decades. The other, a semi god, a sorcerer out of the bowels of Detroit, respected by virtually the entire field of electronic music.

It’s a lot of story to tell when we refer to Adam Beyer and Jeff Mills, two indisputable and relevant figures within the techno genre. Their skills when mixing records, as well as their timeless productions on their own labels, have made them cult artists for later generations.

Without having to delve into the explanation, we leave you with this mix of 18 years ago in the legendary Berlin club Tresor. Techno del cigar, hand in hand with two of his most vehement titans.

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